Our Services

M-Ploy Global Resourcing’s team of highly skilled, professional consultants is supported by an impressive infrastructure, designed to ensure rapid delivery of the right candidate without compromising levels of service and support. This team includes Researchers, Customer Care Officers, Business Development Executives and Recruitment Consultants. This team is available to customise M-Ploy Global Resourcing’s recruitment processes to suit the needs of both client and candidate.

Permanent Placements

It is an undisputable fact that great companies contain exceptional people. Securing the right talent for your business can be never ending, both in time and money. At M-Ploy Global Resourcing we understand this and work as a true partner to secure the right talent for your business.

Our approach commences with taking the time to understand both the professional and personal attributes that will determine an individual’s success in your organisation. We take the time to understand your organisations’ culture, processes and people, your unique Employment Value Proposition (EVP), as well as your market proposition, enabling us to effectively source the right talent for your business.

For individuals looking to make the next move in their career, the first step is to meet with one of our experienced team members for a confidential discussion. Our team has extensive specialist market knowledge so job seekers understand in detail the employment market that they are entering into. We passionately believe in the importance of the right job at the right time.

Temporary / Contract Placements

If you’re looking to fill a gap or you need extra hands on deck to meet a project deadline, our temporary / contract recruitment service is your ideal short-term staffing solution. M-Ploy Global Resourcing has access to a strong talent pool of temporary staff representing a broad range of industries and boasting various skills and qualifications.

All fully screened, interviewed, reference checked and skills tested, our Temp Team staff members are assigned to meet your specific needs with maximum flexibility in mind. Whether you need 4 hours’ help or you require someone to fill a long service leave position for 12 months (or anything in-between) we’ve got excellent people on standby ready to fill your specific need.

Executive Search & Headhunting

Our most impressive value added service is Headhunting at the cost of conventional recruitment

At M-Ploy Global Resourcing, we find that a dual search and selection campaign is always the most successful way to find the right candidate, who is the best fit for your requirements. So, once our client briefs us on a vacancy, not only do we search our extensive in-house database and utilise our HR referrals network, we also embark on a discreet headhunt campaign.

When done correctly, headhunting can be a highly successful method of finding candidates who may never have considered your brand or even have been looking for a new role in the first place. However, we understand that we are representing your brand in the HR marketplace, and as such headhunting can be a delicate process to ensure that your vacancies are kept private and confidential.

Our approach is to establish a partnership with clients based on the understanding of their Needs, Transparency, Regular dialogue and Insight into Business and Company Culture.

Headhunting is an excellent way for us to fully explore the relevant market of candidates for you, and a key part of the value added services that you can expect from M-Ploy Global Resourcing

We are able to guarantee Quality Headhunting and Executive Search services nationwide.

Disability Recruitment

Disability recruitment involves the sourcing, selection, integration, accommodation and development of people with disabilities into the workplace in a manner that is consistent and fair. At M-Ploy Global Resourcing, we pride ourselves in ensuring a fair and sensitive recruitment and selection process with respect to people with Disabilities. Our “ABILITY RELEASED” campaign is committed to assisting candidates with disabilities in finding suitable employment.

M-Ploy Global Resourcing can assist your company in enhancing your employment equity profile by sourcing and selecting suitable candidates with disabilities. Our team comprises of qualified personnel that provides not only sourcing and selection services of people with disabilities, but also customised workshops and training, group placements, sensitising and integration, psychometric testing, as well as remaining involved in the induction process to facilitate a smooth integration into the workplace.

As part of our specialised disability recruitment process, information regarding disabilities and a guideline on how to interview the candidates will accompany each CV to ensure that our clients are informed and comfortable with our processes.

Our vision is to empower individuals with disabilities according to their unique capabilities through integrated and meaningful access to rewarding employment options.

At M-Ploy Global Resourcing, we believe in:

  • The potential and capabilities of every person;
  • Maintaining honest and transparent business relationships;
  • Respecting the dignity of all people;
  • Honouring human rights;
  • Fostering an inclusive culture;
  • Adhering to accountability principles;
  • Commitment to quality, reliability and timeous delivery with projects; and
  • Commitment to health, safety, environmental responsibility and sustainable development.


Response Handling

We guarantee a positive response from our optimised advertising service. At M-Ploy we will shortlist the best candidates that are most suitable for your role and those that match the agreed brief. No matter how many respond to your advert everyone gets a response. All candidates can be accessed in real time within our dedicated database. Our expertise in candidate attraction and pre-selection will result in focusing your valuable time on final stages of interviewing the best possible people saving you not only money but valuable time.

  • Advertise on behalf of client – (client provides ad);
  • Receiving ad response;
  • Telephonic candidate screening;
  • CV based screening – (does not include Criminal, ITC checks);
  • Schedule of certain candidates responding;
  • Present short listed applicants for further consideration;
  • Organise interviews with the short listed applicants;
  • Assist with negotiations; and,
  • Advise unsuccessful applicants of the outcome.

Background & Reference Checks

We conduct a thorough verification on the candidate, utilising the services of reputable service providers to conduct Consumer Credit checks, Educational qualifications verification, professional memberships verification, driver’s license validation, ID verifications and validations (important for the BEE scorecard), criminal and illicit activity check, fraud listing verification, as well as an Employment register verification.

We conduct the following checks upfront:

  • Credit
  • Criminal
  • Qualification
  • Other checks as required by clients

 Based on client requirements and needs other checks are performed subsequent to the candidate being interviewed by the client.

All checks are done online by one of our trained and certified consultants. Our consultants are also trained and certified to conduct fingerprint scanning using the AFIS system.

Verifications reports are submitted to our clients together with the cv.

Assessment Service

At M-Ploy Global Resourcing we understand that the pre-employment personality tests (psychometric) and technical assessments will assist the client to eliminate the following issues in recruitment: high turnover, hiring people that don’t fit the company culture, hiring average or poor performers. It also provides the client with a clear indication of the candidate’s technical ability beyond their performance in the interview.

These assessments aim to not only measure a candidates suitability in terms of company fit, thinking ability, emotional intelligence, cognitive ability, aptitude and reasoning abilities but to also identify technically sound individuals who are required to “Hit the floor running” from day one and not require extensive training into the role.

We facilitate technical assessments on behalf of our clients, testing for technical ability for the role as required by the job specification and by referring the candidate to a psychologist / psychometrist for psychometric testing.

If a client wishes to conduct in-house assessments we prepare the candidate and provide the candidate with the information required for attending the assessment, i.e. the date and time of the assessment, venue details and if any tools are required for the assessment.                                   

Job Advertising Service

We provide an advert design services that assist our clients to design and write professional, directed and concise job adverts to attract the right candidates for the position.

Comprehensive advertising both for internal use and for specific client requirements within both print and electronic media.

All positions are advertised widely to ensure equal access opportunity to the full spectrum of the South African population.

Preferential advertising rates can be negotiated for those clients who wish M-Ploy Global Resourcing to manage their recruitment process from the start.